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M O M E N T S of the greatest S T O R I E S of your life


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H E L L O,

my name is Alexander and I am a moment photographer out of Central Florida! And that darling woman in my arms — that’s Abigail, my second shooter (AND RECENT FIANCE)!

Fred Rogers (yes, Mr. Rogers) used to carry a piece of paper in his wallet with a quote by a social worker that read,

“Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”

I live by this piece of paper. Your wedding day is a story that needs to be told. You deserve beautiful and timeless imagery to take you back to your day.

I love people, I love moments, I love love. This day is about you.




So I have this theory — and it’s pretty out there — that it is possible that everything we need is right here.The wonder, the glory, the beauty that we are all seeking is here, mirroring something beyond this world;AND that it can be captured, harnessed, right here, in the regular.With my camera, I want to implement this theory, that your story can be told in its entirety.